The Binarydrive Dynamo Conversion Rate Optimisation programme

Our 5-step conversion optimisation programme is called Binarydrive Dynamo. We named it Dynamo because the sole purpose of the programme is to generate - to generate more knowledge, generate more customers and of course to generate more revenue for your business.

Step 1: Research & Discovery

This is where we get inside the minds of your users and visitors. We need to know what they are thinking, what they are doing and most importantly - why they are doing it.

We take a wholistic approach to research and use qualatitive and quantative data to learn as much as we can about your visitors.

Our research and discovery toolkit includes: Heatmaps, surveys, interviews, customer experiences, user testing, session recording, polls and more...

Step 2: Data Analysis & Solutions

When analysing your data we are not only looking for obvious blockages, 'conversion killers' and objections but we are also looking for less obvious conversion and business opportunities. From this analysis we draw up a series of split-test plans and a roadmap for the improvement of your site.

Step 3: Creative

We provide wireframe candidate designs illustrating the framework, layout and content for each split-test. We can also take this to full design stage and even code the tests for you.

Step 4: Split-Testing

AKA 'A/B testing', split-testing is the process of conducting scientific experiments to optimise specific elements, features or pages of your website.

In a split-test, traffic is divided evenly between original content (known as the 'control') and new content (known as the 'challenger'). A number of common goals (e.g. net sales & engagement) are measured for each of the variations and the winner and loser are declared when statistical significance is reached (usually after 1-2 weeks).

If the challenger is the winner, this then becomes the new control and the process starts over. If the control wins then it's back to the drawing board to learn more and conceive a new 'challenger'. It's important to realise that not all tests will win, but they are ALL valuable learning experiences for the whole team.

Step 5: Review

In this final step of the process we declare split-test winners/losers and assist in their migration to production where required to do so.

We analyse results, learn from them and feed all of this data back to Step 2: Data Analysis & Solutions, where the cycle begins again.

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Ian Howie

Binarydrive blend in-depth knowledge with great communication and project management skills."

Ian Howie / Director of Analytics / ROI Works
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Binarydrive did an amazing job - the result was a 3x increase in website leads and 2x increase in engagement!"

Rob Durden / Director / Red-C Mobile Apps
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If you want to work with someone that makes your life easier, does things on time and delivers results, hire Marcus and his team!"

Bradley Long / Director / Conversion Academy
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Binarydrive are great! They perform to a high standard, they can manage time very well, and they have a very open communication policy."

Lianne Westwood / Head of eCommerce / RJB Stone + Sass & Belle
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Binarydrive have been a pleasure to work with - they have been thorough, helpful and diligent throughout. We are delighted with the new website."

Laura Sturgess / Creative Director / Riskcare

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