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Binarydrive is a full service digital agency based in King's Lynn, Norfolk with specialist in-house SEO consultants. We have been creating high quality websites since 2003 and from the very first day we have recognised the importance of good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and practices. We believe that it is crucial for every business to have a knowledgeable SEO strategist actively involved in all stages of website design and development. So, whether you want a brand new website, or an SEO tune-up and audit of your existing site, Binarydrive are here to help.

Which SEO Package is best for your business?

Bronze, Silver or Gold SEO Package? Most web agencies offer their Search Engine Optimisation solutions on a tiered basis - Bronze, Silver & Gold. We don’t and here's the reason why: An SEO audit must look at all of the factors that may be affecting your website’s ranking, not just a select few. Imagine taking your car to the garage because it won’t start. You chose the Silver Service (mid priced) and the mechanic looks at things from spark plugs to HT leads, fuel filters to fuses. However, what if checking the battery is NOT in the Silver Service. Would it be reasonable for that garage to tell you there is nothing wrong with your car? No, it wouldn’t.

Binarydrive’s SEO & Online Visibility Management (OVM) Audit is a full service where every aspect of optimisation and visibility is considered. However, if you have a concern with just one aspect of your website, for example, quality of backlinks, canonical referencing, or duplicate content we are pleased to offer our services on a per subject matter.

SEO Audit Package details from Binarydrive SEO Consultants

Online Visibility Management (OVM)

In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that good SEO practice alone is not enough to keep a business on the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's). Keeping abreast of the plethora of services and social media platforms which are now crucial to maintaining a website’s online presence is a significant task, requiring professional expertise. To be ranked in the exclusive top levels of Search Engine results a website needs the help of everthing from Google Plus and LinkedIn company pages, through to domain name management and site speed. Only when attention is paid to all of these factors can a website rise and soar above it’s competitors. Our SEO Consultants call this all-encompassing service Online Visibility Management (OVM).

Use Social Media to lift your Google rankings organically and ethically

Organic, Natural SEO growth from Quality Backlinks

As SEO consultants we know that one of the most important keys to sustained SEO growth and success in Google and other major search engines is harvesting natural and organic links to various pages of your website. If you have a great site, with original content, people will want to link to you and share your content. Gone are the days when it was all about volume of links from thousands of unrelated websites (backlinks). The backlinks to your website should be from relevant and high quality websites. For example, if you have a website selling custom made dog coats, Google loves to see links to your site from other canine related websites. It really doesn’t want to see links coming to you from an unrelated business directory!

Norfolk based SEO consultants Binarydrive can organically raise SERP and improve your SEO

What does a Binarydrive SEO & OVM Audit look at?

This is your SEO Audit tailored around the specific technical structure of your website and the business goals you are trying to achieve. We might have a good reason to consider the effect of previous black hat techniques that could have introduced several hundred toxic backlinks, that is links from known bad websites that you really don’t want. It might be that you already have reasonably good SERP coverage and want to get ahead of a competitor for certain competitive keywords. Whatever your site requires, we will make sure we cover everything that is important for you.

Does ranking improvement increase click through rate?

A business may have the finest looking website that has ever been developed, but if it doesn’t get socially shared and ranked in the search engines, then it might as well be a single page WordPress site. Moving from 11th place to 1st or 2nd place in Google could see an increase in organic traffic of over 20 fold. Amazing but true - 2000% increases are not unheard of when progressing a site from the top of page 2 to top of page 1.

SERP versus Traffic

The graph below shows how significant gains can be obtained from moving up the SERP to a higher ranking position. Why not try some office reasearch yourself. Ask your work colleagues to send you a link to the Best pubs in London. Have a look at the links you are sent. At the time of writing this article, my guess is that you have links to Timeout, The Guardian, Huffington Post and possibly City Pubs. These are the top 4 SERP listed sites for "Best Pubs in London"... How many of your colleagues sent you links to FancyAPint, LondonTown or TheGoodPubGuide. Chances are, probably no-one as these websites are on the second SERP. It's only a small sample test, but it's a fact, when it comes to SERP versus Traffic very few people will move past page 1 if their curiosity is satisfied within the top 10 listings.

Comparison - ranking SERP position versus traffic

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