Our approach to website development

At Binarydrive we use the latest tools and techniques to develop cutting edge code while keeping a firm eye on the past to ensure backwards compatibility for older browsers and platforms.

When developing our code we focus on three key things:


The efficiency of website code has always been important for maintainability and to help create the most optimal user experience possible. However, now that Google takes site loading speed into consideration when ranking websites, it's more important than ever. At Binarydrive our code is always created lean and efficient to maximise the potential of your website.

Quality Assurance and testing

It's amazing how many web developers and agencies don't check that their code works properly in all browsers before releasing it. At Binarydrive we have a dedicated and thorough Quality Assurance (QA) process, one where work is checked by a dedicated QA technician. This ensures that our code is bulletproof and works across all platforms and browsers, as intended.


You would be forgiven for thinking that such high standards of code production would come at a high price. The surprising truth is that producing good quality code doesn't actually take much longer or cost more money than producing poor quality code. Plus, because good code is more easily maintained you can be safe in the knowledge that your web development investment is easier (hence cheaper) to modify later on.

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Web development in Norfolk
Ian Howie

Binarydrive blend in-depth knowledge with great communication and project management skills."

Ian Howie / Director of Analytics / ROI Works
Rob Durden

Binarydrive did an amazing job - the result was a 3x increase in website leads and 2x increase in engagement!"

Rob Durden / Director / Red-C Mobile Apps
Bradley Long

If you want to work with someone that makes your life easier, does things on time and delivers results, hire Marcus and his team!"

Bradley Long / Director / Conversion Academy
Lianne Westwood

Binarydrive are great! They perform to a high standard, they can manage time very well, and they have a very open communication policy."

Lianne Westwood / Head of eCommerce / RJB Stone + Sass & Belle
Laura Sturgess

Binarydrive have been a pleasure to work with - they have been thorough, helpful and diligent throughout. We are delighted with the new website."

Laura Sturgess / Creative Director / Riskcare

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